Genesis as a single book covers a larger portion of the history of the world than any other, with the exception of Revelation with its coverage from before the world was created until it will be remade in the future.  Below are Word Pictures episodes covering Genesis.  PDF handouts are not available for all older episodes.  Initial series recordings begin with background history and assumptions used during Bible study.

1. History of scripture; Is God the same throughout the Bible? (See also: “Bible Origins” & the PDFs “Genesis” & “Who Wrote Genesis” & “Genesis: Background Thoughts“)  streams
2. Genesis 3:1-3 The Fall – The Great Controversy between Jesus and Satan. (See also PDFs: “The Plan of Salvation in the Setting of the Great Controversy” & “The Great Controversy in Scripture“)
3. Genesis 3:1-5 Eve’s distrust of God and the nature of sin. (See also PDF: “The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil“)
4. Acts 16:22 Belief, faith, evidence, and following God.  streams
5. Genesis 1 & 2 Creation and Evolution.  streams
6. Genesis 6 The Biblical Flood (Dr. Ariel Roth).  streams
7. Matthew 24:37-39 What do we believe; Norm’s risk analogy.  streams
8. Genesis 12:1-4 Abraham. (See also PDF: “From Sodom and Gomorrah to Hell“)
9. James 2:23-24 Abraham, God’s friend, righteousness by faith or action?  streams
10. Genesis 17:15-22 The life of Isaac.  streams
11. Genesis 25:19 – Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob & Esau, the life of Jacob.  streams
12. Genesis 37-44 Joseph – the coat of many colors and ruler of Egypt.  streams
13. Review of Genesis: What do we learn about God from the stories in Genesis?  streams
297. General Principles (PDFs: “Assumptions” & “General Principles“) – FLV Video to Download
298. Genesis (PDF: “Genesis“) – FLV Video to Download  streams
299. Why did God send the Flood? (PDF: “Why Did God Send the Flood?“) – FLV Video to Download